Industrial Aptitude & Assessment Tests

industrial test distributor philippinesHaving to invite a specialist for a job you already employed someone in could be really frustrating. It is even more frustrating when the employed individual can hardly fit into any department of your organization. Industrial tests are assessments that are work-related – they help to assess, predict and possibly interpret an employee performance. These tests assess the cognitive, behavioral, leadership, occupational and adaptation potentials of employees. V-Psyche Innovative Solutions Inc., Manila, Philippines has been a distributor of industrial test materials to psychologists in Philippines. This has helped to improve the organization and level of expectation employers now have in employees.

The test is especially helpful as employers will readily be aware of the specific skill set of their employees so they do not assign them duties they are hardly capable of handling. Our industrial testing and assessment are specifically designed to cater for the “Philippine Work Environment”. With our assessment materials, instruments, software and a competitive list of test materials from publications from Canada, Europe and North America, we have the best environment to meet your institution’s needs. Our work pace has been on a steady rise as we have developed massively since our establishment in aptitude tests assessment tools for industrial use

Even as distributors of these unique test materials, we can guarantee they will be attained at very reasonable and pocket friendly cost. This will ensure you are able to employ well rounded, hardworking, employable individuals who possess the necessary skills for the specific position available. This has made us the stand out industrial test distributor in Philippines – big institutions, organizations and even smaller firms believe in our output and have trusted in us over the years.

Whatever assistance you may desire can be received from our main office situated in Metro Manila. You can also receive assistance from our accredited freelance distributors located in Cebu and Davao. We are always eager to hear from you as your thoughts help in building us to serve you.

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