Why Choose Online Tests with us?

V-psyche Innovative solutions Inc. present an online assessment system powered by Central Test.

The system helps HR professionals worldwide and deliver thousands of
assessments every day in more than 80 countries.

Central test was developed by using the latest state-of-the-art techniques in the field of psychometrics, and the assessments are validated

according to the scientific criteria established by the International Test Commission and by the American Psychological Association.

Research and Innovation teams work together with workplace psychologists and HR consultants to propose assessment solutions that are varied, innovative and adapted to today’s HR needs.

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Easy To Administer:

With a paper-pencil test, the candidate has to be called to your premises to take the test. On the other hand, for our online assessments, you can just send a link to the candidate, who can then take the test from his/her home.

Immediate Results:

Once the candidate completes the assessment, the scores or the results are calculated and the report is generated automatically and instantly

Online Testing:

* Centralize all HR assessment in a single interface
* Quickly and accurately identify potential candidates
* Reports: practical and easy-to-understand
* User-friendly and economical solution

* A comprehensive and dynamic personality report.
Monitors social desirability (inclination to present oneself favorably).

* Analyzes a candidate’s intrinsic nature and main professional aspirations. This personality test is useful for recruitment as well as for
employees’ evaluations and career development.

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Online Platform Features:

100% Web-based and secure


Register candidates
View test results

Personalized client account

Job parameters
Look and feel
Tailored reports

Client reference

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