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Helping people to have a distinct mark through psychological assessments

Areas of Operation

Your institution will obtain the following products and services:

  • Comparative testing, which can be done individually, or collectively which include behavioral and psychological assessment.

  • Testing and assessment specifically designed to cater the “Philippine Work Environment.”

  • Utilization of Credible and acceptable international standards and procedures in testing centers around the globe and yet suitable to the local scene.

  • Distribution of Assessment materials, instruments, software and a competitive list of test materials from publications from North America, Canada and Europe.

  • Accurate and efficient work pace to meet your requirements.

All of which will be attained at a very reasonable cost as the results that your company will acquire relevantly exceptional. Employ well-rounded individuals who possess communication skills, teamwork, technical skills, leadership skills, adaptation skills, interpersonal skills and analytic abilities. It is time that your institution think ahead and move forward for more thriving business.

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V-Psyche featuring new test materials and new assessment tools such as NEO-4™ by Paul T. Costa, Jr., PhD and Robert R. McCrae, PhD Purpose: Obtain a quick four-factor measure of personality. Stanford Achievement Test Series, Tenth Edition. Guides teaching and learning toward high achievement standards.

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