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school test philippines online iq aptitude assessment tests It is the desire of every parent to have children that not only meet up with their potential but, surpass them if possible. Do you think there are any stumbling blocks in certain aspects of your child’s development process? Our achievement administered tests ensure your children are not alone. Often times, these children may face emotional, psychological or behavioral defects that cannot be noticed with face-to-face interactions. We ensure they are tested using best standard practices so they are placed in the best learning environment that can truly harness their potential. This is very possible even if they may have been diagnosed with conditions that have affected their mental capacity.

We are a big school test distributor based in Philippines with the aim of providing schools with international standard assessment materials so they produce children that parents can be proud of. Our materials meet the need of children whether they are tested as individuals or as a group.

In some cases, children may have disabilities or delayed skills that hamper their learning process. With our Individualized Education Program (IEP), parents can work with the educators of their children to design lesson plans that will improve the child’s learning abilities and make him/her a success. Depending on the outcome of the psychological evaluation, special support services may also be needed to support the child. This is only possible when you entrust the care of your child into the hands of schools were we serve as test distributors. We do not just leave these schools with the materials, but we follow up meticulously to, monitoring the progress of your child to ensure your child’s potential is brought to the fore.

Group Assessment Tests

school test distributor philippines online educational testsAside Individualized Education Programs, we serve as distributors for group-assessment tests. These test results are used to determine the potential for achievement for a child, their strengths and their weaknesses. It is only where we observe they may need special attention that we exclude them from the group.

Intelligence does just depend on the math skill abilities of your child. The processing speed, social and cognitive skills, and academic abilities are tested to ensure your child is completely fit mentally. What better gift can your child receive than when you ensure they can be the best at whatever they do? You do not have to worry when we have got you covered. So long as you are based in Philippines, the psychological disability of your child is no longer a cause for concern.

Since we were established in 2008, our aim has been to reach out for any room for improvement only for us to cater for the needs of your child. Kindly contact us today.

We will be glad to help you.