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online psychological test philippines personality and aptitude tests Psychological tests are used to evaluate the mental abilities, attributes and capacity to determine the neurological, cognitive, emotional and personality functioning. Online personality tests are administered to individuals for different reasons – from screening job candidates to diagnosing personality disorders. These tests could also be used in an educational setting as a tool in school placement – to determine the presence of any learning disabilities, delay in development and special gifts they may possess. V-Psyche Innovative Solutions Inc. has been a leader in providing standard assessment materials for online psychological testing in Philippines.

V-Psyche Innovations Inc. is a dynamic company of professionals committed to ensuring the health of the “human psyche”. We believe in unearthing the raw potentials of an individual through the evaluation of the person’s mental circumstances.

Our aptitude test materials meet international standard practices and are properly suited to the “Philippine environment”. Our tests leave no stone unturned, we ensure that you have the complete picture of yourself so proper assistance can be rendered where necessary. Our services are built to support individuals, organization and institutions in Philippines to ensure these corporate bodies have only the best available candidates in their ranks. We supply only licensed psychologists with these materials so you can rest assured of specific, comprehensive reports.psychological tools quizzes assessment tests where can i buy psychological tests in the philippines

Online personality psychological tests that we distribute to professional psychologists include: Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales, Trauma and Attachment Belief Scale, Trauma Symptom Inventory, Trauma Assessment Inventories, Thurston Cradock Test among a lot of other designed to fit the specific needs of each individual in Philippines.

Where Can I Buy Psychological Tests in the Philippines?

At V-Psyche Innovations Inc., we have continuously immersed ourselves in extensive research since we were established in 2008. We have been an active member of the Philippine Guidance and Counselling Association and Psychological Association of the Philippines – a further testament of our level of commitment to our niche. Due to our reputation and the confidence our clients have had in us since we were established, we always ensure we serve you 100 percent at all times.

Kindly contact us today for any questions concerning our online psychology tests and we are always willing to serve you.