Pre-Employment Aptitude & Personality Test Philippines

pre employment aptitude test philippinesPre-employment testing is an exercise that is useful in selecting the best candidates for a job – individuals with personality features that are ideal for the desired position. These tests are helpful in identifying and providing relevant information on crucial competencies such as the individual’s personality traits, cognitive skills, attitudes, and interests. V-Psyche Innovations Inc. is a reputable organization based in Manila, Philippines with the sole aim of ensuring individuals pass through relevant pre-employment online testing to provide only the best possible candidates for a job. This will in turn, keep turnover to its barest minimum.

At V-Psyche Innovations Inc., our dedicated professionals are working to constantly improve to ensure potential employees are suitable for the job before they are employed. Our pre-employment online testing in Philippines is one an employer can trust as our aim is to help your institution, firm or company expand and experience positive growth. This aptitude test is one that is even more important for demanding jobs – jobs with high stress factor. These jobs may include firefighting jobs, law enforcement, or jobs related to the medical field. Our online aptitude testing is specific for the “Philippine work environment” and is sure to help you reduce costs.

Individual or Group Testing

pre employment online testing philippines online personality tests quizzes

Our pre-employment online testing offers the opportunity for individuals to be tested either individually or collectively, depending on the need of each individual. You can be sure that our assessment materials are the best as they are gotten from publications from Canada, Europe, Canada and North America. Our work ethics and drive are designed to meet your organization’s specific requirements. The psychologists we distribute our materials are licensed professionals dedicated to offering the best service you can get anywhere in Philippines.

You also do not have to worry about the cost. All our services are very pocket friendly. For exceptional service, V-Psyche Innovative Solutions Inc. is the best pre-employment online testing distributor that offers the best pricing system in Philippines.

Kindly contact us for any complaints or suggestions you may have and you can rest assured we are always willing to serve you.


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